Blog: State Pension Plans

New Jersey teachers are still angry with Governor Chris Christie for shorting the pension fund and are now suing for $4 billion total in damages.
Nationally, pension costs have more than doubled in the last decade, from about $500 per pupil in 2004 to over $1,000 today.
Illinois Governor Rauner's recent pension proposal tinkers around the edges but leave more fundamental problems in place.
For all the media attention over the pension cash crunch in Chicago, there been no mention about the benefits themselves, despite their severe inadequacy.
Colorado charter schools experience higher turnover, impacting their teachers retirement benefits.
Get your pension questions answered in this blog resource.
Illinois is back to the drawing board after the state Supreme Court ruled a pension reform law unconstitutional.
Ten ways education reporters can dig into teacher pension issues in their state.
A simple explanation for what's going on with Illinois' pensions.
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