Blog: Retirement Insecurity

Ohio could make a simple change to put more of its educators on a path to a secure retirement.
What would the case mean for teachers?
Teacher salaries rose 3.2 percent last year, but pension costs rose even faster.
The Washington Post cites work to note that just one-in-five teachers gets a full pension.
We spend billions of dollars a year on tax breaks for individuals to save for retirement. But do those incentives work?
Florida is gambling away a secure retirement for teachers.
Saving for retirement is hard enough, but states are forcing teachers into complex decisions about how much their pension might be worth in the future. Data from Illinois suggests many teachers are struggling with those decisions.
Unions are collecting kickbacks from financial advisors peddling fee-laden financial products to teachers.
New generations are being asked to pay for the promises of the past.
When it comes to retirement benefits, Colorado teachers are facing a steep climb.