Blog: State Pension Plans

At what age can teachers retire? See the list of teacher retirement ages by state and pension plan tier.
Hear from a range of perspectives on what role the federal government should play in addressing state and municipal pension debt.
California pension plans have not yet flattened the growth of unfunded liabilities. Workers and taxpayers will suffer the consequences.
The share of state education spending going to pension costs nearly doubled from 2001 to 2018.
Nebraska provides a portable, generous retirement plan to its state employees. Its teachers? Not so much.
Illinois is spending more on pension costs than it is on K-12 or higher education.
How will COVID-19 affect teacher pension plans?
The Washington Post cites work to note that just one-in-five teachers gets a full pension.
Get your teacher pension questions answered.
Teacher pension systems are not structured to effectively serve educators whose spouse is an active duty military service member. And while teaching may be a good career option for military spouses in theory, the way that states have set up their pension plans means these families will face challenges saving for retirement.