Blog: Retirement Insecurity

An Illinois judge has ruled unconstitutional the state's 2013 pension reform law. That is potentially very problematic for new teachers and those who aren't yet teaching.
Our public policies harm the retirement savings of public school teachers.

In honor of National Save for Retirement Week, we've created a Buzzfeed-style quiz to help you better understand teacher retirement plans and the issues around them.

A new paper suggests that a common perception about how we pay public sector workers is fundamentally flawed.
While Teach for America teachers are working to close the achievement gap, most are also losing out on core retirement benefits like a pension and/or Social Security, creating a gap in retirement security.
It's possible to design a 401(k)-style retirement plan that supports workers in meeting their retirement savings needs.
Neither The New York Times nor teachers union leaders discuss how individuals lose out under current pension systems.
A new Urban Institute brief suggests the vast majority of teachers will leave the profession with less than their own contributions.
Last week I presented our work on teacher pensions at the Education Writer’s Association (EWA) 67th national seminar.
Federal and state leaders have recently proposed a variety of solutions intended to address the need for greater retirement security.