Blog: Retirement Insecurity

Charter schools should think about how to provide retirement benefits that more closely match their workforce.
It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to prioritize one year of teaching over another. But that's exactly what teacher pensions do.
There's a common, widespread belief that the corporate shift from defined benefit pension plans to defined contribution 401k plans harmed retirement savings. This is a myth.
The majority of California's teachers would be better off in a cash balance plan than the state’s current pension plan.
Highlights in pension-related policy news and research from 2015.
Teacher pensions are too important to millions of teachers to let the usual “say anything” approach to education policy issues cloud the debate.
Half of all new teachers are worse off than if they had been in a 401k plan.
Pension advocates call it a "feature, not a bug" that some small minority of educators receive quite generous benefits while everyone else gets much less.
The same pension plan can simultaneously be too stingy for some workers and too generous for others.
In many cases, teachers may be better off taking a refund on their contributions rather than waiting around to receive a pension.