Blog: Mobility and Portability

Ten ways education reporters can dig into teacher pension issues in their state.
How long will advocates continue to protect unequal and unfair teacher pension systems?
Teachers need stable retirement benefits that they can take with them wherever they go.
Many of Colorado’s teachers aren’t getting their money’s worth on retirement savings.
If all you knew about Colorado's teacher retirement systems were the teacher and employer contribution rates and the investment return, you could create a pretty awesome, cost-neutral retirement plan.
It's possible to design a 401(k)-style retirement plan that supports workers in meeting their retirement savings needs.
Charter schools and their teachers pay the same high employer and employee contribution rates as all other schools, but higher turnover rates mean their teachers will get much less in return.
Teacher turnover has risen over the last two decades. What does it mean for teacher pensions?
Are state pension plans a recruitment or retention incentive for teachers? It's complicated, but many of the claims about the value of pensions don't stand up to scrutiny.
We should be wary of narratives that try to explain small differences in a grand fashion.