Blog: Mobility and Portability

Districts should be investing the majority of their retention efforts on early-career teachers.
Contributions made into teacher plans are related but not directly tied to what teachers actually receive in benefits. That matters a lot.
A new report from Vanguard suggests that women are better at saving for retirement than men.
We have had a number of military families write to us about their need for portable retirement benefits.
Half of all new teachers are worse off than if they had been in a 401k plan.
Pension advocates call it a "feature, not a bug" that some small minority of educators receive quite generous benefits while everyone else gets much less.
The same pension plan can simultaneously be too stingy for some workers and too generous for others.
Teacher pension plans expose teachers to attrition risk--the possibility that a teacher won't stick around long enough to qualify for the larger benefits waiting for those who stay.
There are teaching jobs in every state, but compared to other professionals, teachers are unlikely to move across state lines.
Teachers aren't immune from basic economics.