Blog: Funding

California's plan to pay down its $74 billion pension debt plan is simply staggering.
Retraoctive pay is unusual in its own right, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made some unique choices in how to distribute it.
What does New York City's new teacher contract mean for its pension plan?
School administrators should warn all new teachers about the significant savings penalty they face because of high mobility rates and long service requirements to qualify for a pension.

The Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings released two papers examining pension reform efforts across the nation. A presentation of the papers’ findings and a panel discussion followed. Read our picks for the best live tweets in response to the discussion.

As Chicago's pension funding is falling, the average teacher retirement benefit is rising. Not only do the retirement benefits come with an expensive price tag, but they're back-loaded for late-career teachers such that only a small percentage of teachers will receive a pension benefit in the first place.
The unpredictable nature of pension contributions has a real consequence on school district budgets and, therefore, on teachers.
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is sponsoring a statewide ballot initiative that would change California’s constitution to allow state and city governments to make prospective changes to retiree benefits. To better understand the initiative and why he’s sponsoring it, I spoke with Mayor Reed.
Pensions contribute a large amount of money to local economies, but size shouldn't be the end-all argument. We need to get past discussions of size and start talking about the most effective ways to ensure retirement security for all public sector workers.
Every state except Vermont has a balanced budget amendment, yet states have wracked up large unfunded liabilities for their pension and retiree health plans. How can both of these things be true at the same time?