Blog: Alternative Models

A new report from Vanguard suggests that women are better at saving for retirement than men.
Luckily, most millennials aren’t following Elite Daily’s advice to forget savings and just spend.
The same pension plan can simultaneously be too stingy for some workers and too generous for others.
Teacher pension plans expose teachers to attrition risk--the possibility that a teacher won't stick around long enough to qualify for the larger benefits waiting for those who stay.
Not all the ways that teachers could use to maximize their pensions are in the best interests of schools or families.
A new “composite” pension plan may be worth a look as an alternative to traditional defined benefit and defined contribution plans.
Highlights from the New Jersey pension reform proposal.
Thoughts on llinois Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed changes to the state's under-funded pension plans.
Why would we keep putting new people into poorly funded, poorly designed retirement plans?
Charters are finding innovative alternatives to traditional pensions, offering teachers portable benefits and/or reallocating funds for other forms of compensation.