Blog: Pensions and Human Capital

In Michigan, school funding has increased but schools aren’t seeing much of the money.
Workers are living longer, and for pension plans, this means more payments and a bigger overall price tag on benefits.
Many of Colorado’s teachers aren’t getting their money’s worth on retirement savings.

In honor of National Save for Retirement Week, we've created a Buzzfeed-style quiz to help you better understand teacher retirement plans and the issues around them.

A new paper suggests that a common perception about how we pay public sector workers is fundamentally flawed.
New Jersey needs to rethink the overall design of its retirement system to make it better for all workers.
While Teach for America teachers are working to close the achievement gap, most are also losing out on core retirement benefits like a pension and/or Social Security, creating a gap in retirement security.
The highest pensioners in the New York Teacher Retirement System are not teachers.
North Carolina recently passed legislation that will make it easier for teachers to receive retirement benefits.
The U.S. Department of Education recently released the results from the 2012-13 principal staffing survey. The new report has several implications for pensions.