Teacher Pensions Blog

Welcome to teacherpensions.org, a new site designed to compile analysis and commentary on teacher pensions, provide information to help educators understand the impact of various pension proposals on their own finances, and use social media tools to help engage educators in the national conversation about teacher pensions. We intend the site to serve as a point of entry into the national conversation about teacher retirement sustainability and design and serve a variety of audiences, including teachers, policymakers, the media, and thought leaders.

We at teacherpensions.org have our own perspectives on the pension issue, but we respect that there are different ways of looking at this issue. To hear from those diverse voices, we invited a range of panelists—from union leaders to economists to teacher voice organizations—to participate in an online forum on teacher pensions.  We asked each of them to respond to two main questions:

1. Is there a teacher pension crisis? If so, what exactly is the problem?

2. How do we ensure that teachers have secure, sustainable, and affordable retirements?

We’ve collected those responses and will be posting the authors’ contributions here, in their own words, on a rolling basis starting next week. Come back to read contributions from the National Education Association, TeachPlus, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and more. 

To read each contributor's response, click on the following links: 

Celine Coggins, Founder & CEO, TeachPlus
Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association
Josh B. McGee, Vice President of Public Accountability, The Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Elisabeth Evans, Founding CEO & Board Member, The VIVA Project