• This study examines the long-term effects of pension reforms on employer costs and on state budgets for a sample of 32 plans in 15 states and finds that, for most plans, the reforms fully offset or more than offset the impact of the financial crisis on the sponsors’ costs.
  • As a facet of compensation, teacher pension policy should be subject to the outcome- and equity-oriented workforce goals of broader teacher reform programs. Teacher pension policy should help attract to teaching especially promising college graduates and career-changers.
  • How well do teachers understand their current pension plans? And, what do they think about alternative plan structures?
  • Teacher pensions may not sound like a sexy or even high-profile issue, but keep reading: they're threatening the fiscal health of many states and could cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. But the problem doesn't just end there.
  • This report uses national survey data to show that American public schools suffer from a “revolving door” where large numbers of qualified teachers depart their jobs for reasons other than retirement. The data show that nearly half of all beginning teachers leave the profession within five years. The amount of turnover accounted for by retirement is relatively minor when compared to that associated with other factors, such as teacher job dissatisfaction and teachers pursuing other jobs.